Since solar panels are already available at affordable prices, it makes it so much easier for those who are considering to install one to decide and to try it out. We would like to congratulate you if you’re one of those people who did not have a hard time deciding which solar panel to install. But, buying solar panels is only the start. You have to install it on your roof properly and maintain its performance by regularly cleaning it. Below are simple and brief guidelines you need to consider to maintain and clean your solar panels. 

Buy cleaning kits for solar panels 

The procedure for cleaning solar panels is not similar to cleaning the furniture of your home. In fact, you will have to utilize a particular cleaning kit for these things. The kit must have various brush sizes, a wiper, and a liquid soap. Once your solar panels require to be cleared right away, you can use your car cleaning tools. 

Mix water and liquid soap 

In a bucket, mix the water and liquid soap. Take note of the manufacturer’s instruction about the amount of liquid soap you will be needing to combine it with water. 

Dip your brush in the solution and rub it on your solar panels 

Allow the soap to be absorbed by the brush by dipping it and then gently rub this on your solar panels. Once your solar panels have a small array, it would be recommended that you utilize smaller brushes. Once you own a larger one, utilize a brush that has long handles. 

Wipe the solar panels 

As soon as you’re done with brushing your solar panels, you can utilize the wiper to remove any excess liquid. This should be done so that the soap won’t dry on your solar panels. If you let the soap dry, it could possibly limit the amount of sunlight that it could get. 

Never utilize harsh cleaners or solutions 

You should refrain from using cleaning supplies other than the suggested cleaning tools intended for your solar panels. Note that pressure washers and abrasive scrubbers can harm your solar panels. 

Employ an expert when it comes to solar panel cleaning 

If you are not sure about how to clean your solar panels or you cannot clean all their parts, it would be best to look for the assistance of a professional team. Also, you can call your solar panel company to inquire whether they offer solar panel cleaning services in Austin. This is actually the safest thing you can to make sure that they can clean your solar panels safely and properly. 

Monitor and maintain your solar panel’s performance 

Set up a monitoring system 

A monitoring system will keep you updated on a regular basis about your solar panel’s performance and it will alert you once some areas must be repaired. 

Take note of the daily performance of your solar panel.  

You should regularly check your solar panel’s performance every day. You can do this by listing down what your solar panel system has generated.